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Quoting terry wilson (ecycle at linuxmail.org):

> Hi Rick,
> Terry Wilson here. Glad to see you're having the Linux
> gathering again. I plan to be at your house Saturday, about
> 1pm. Bruce Parmenter may show up also.

Sounds great.  I'll be there -- and please bear in mind that people are
welcome to come and go any time from 1 pm to midnight.  (Official
closing time is 9pm, but I don't kick people out.)

> We had talked about me getting Flash media and FlashBlock. 

Yes.  There are standardised ways of properly retrofitting the
Adobe/Macromedia proprietary Flash interpreter and browser plugin to
most i386 Linux distributions -- which is a better alternative to just
running the Adobe installer "naked", which of course also works.  

When I say "properly", I mean using a wrapper/installer suitable for
your distribution that makes sure the various pieces of the Adobe
software land install in _reasonable_ places and fashions, rather than
merely the way Adobe decided they should.

I hear good things about Noscript, as an alternative to Flashblock.

The name notwithstanding, it doesn't totally forbid/block script-driven
content (Flash, Javascript, Java, various plugins), but instead lets you
pick/whitelist what content to allow.  I think I'd go with that.

> I also need a download manager, my ISP kicks me off after 4 hours. 

I don't know about such things, but maybe someone else does.

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