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>>> I'm here in Gaza Strip in Palestine.
>> If you could film your Linux work there, I would be immensely interested in
>> seeing it!
> Christian,
> I'm very busy working with the International Solidarity Movement
> accompanying Palestinian fishermen and Palestinian farmers (olive
> harvest and sowing and ploughing wheat, lentils, and rye. The
> Palestinian fishermen, fishing in Palestinian territorial waters, get
> shot at by the Israeli navy - with M16 rifles, canons, grenades and
> with water canons shooting high pressure water (sea water and some as
> yet unidentified dirty foul smelling water - the Israeli navy man
> wears a gas mask and long gloves when shooting the dirty foul smelling
> water). The Palestinian farmers get shot at M16s (not sure what other
> weapons) trying to farm on their own lands.
> If you are interested in what is happening and some of the work I am doing:
> www.freegaza.org
> www.palsolidarity.org - look under Gaza Region
> I have not had time to find people, groups, organizations, students
> that might be interested in using Linux. Unfortunately all the
> Palestinians I've met here use Microsoft.
> Darlene Wallach

Scottish Activist Films Israeli Navy Shooting At Gaza Fishermen ...
Scottish activist films Israeli navy shooting at Gaza fishermen.
Claims of 14 deaths in previous incidentsBy Billy Briggs. A SCOTTISH
human rights activist ...
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YouTube - Israeli Navy shoots at Gaza fishermen and international ...
Sep 5, 2008 ... The Israeli Navy continued shooting multiple times at
the fishing vessels, ... Free Gaza Mov: Israeli shooting palestinian
fishermen boats ...
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