[conspire] Offering GPG/PGP Workshop at CABAL

K Sandoval indigo.kai at gmail.com
Fri May 16 20:06:14 PDT 2008

To: Mark Weisler
cc: conspire

> > What to Bring.
> > Bring the Linux or Macintosh computer on which you intend to use GPG for
> > secure communications and storage.

I will bring my thinkpad. Can I use the same key for my laptop and my
two desktop drives?

>>As an option, you could bring some form of identification with your photograph

Should I scan my drivers license picture, or select a picture I
already have scanned?
Is there a file size restriction on the picture?
Is there a file format preference?

> > exchange information (including public encryption keys). More on that at
> > the workshop (you'll read about that in Rick's material-it's called a key
> > signing event or party).

Should I try to perform the steps for generating keys, or can I
generate the keys at the workshop?

What if I generated keys previously, over a year ago and lost all the info?
I think it might be linked to either my gmail email or my yahoo email address.
I think it was a PGP key?  How do I find out the status of this
previously created key?

> > OK, let's plan on June 28th.
> > I'll post more information as the date approaches.

Ms.Kai Sandoval


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