[conspire] How does changing CABAL to 1-9 pm sound?

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Sun May 4 01:11:23 PDT 2008

Rick Moen:
> Oddly enough, at the time I was living in Southwark, we indeed used to
> get incredulous looks at the proposal of crossing south of the Thames
> to visit where we lived on Trinity Church Square off Borough High
> Street, and that's not exactly the white cliffs of Dover.

That's become a bit better lately, since the jubilee line was extended
through Borough and Lambeth for the millennium project.  Also there's
the wibbly-wobbly footbridge from St. Paul's to Bankside Power Station
(now the Tate Modern) and the reconstructed Globe theatre.  Some folks
are still more likely to trek out to Ealing than try to work out how to
get to, say, Camberwell ("Is that in Brighton? Do they grow carrots
there?"), but Ken Livingstone did manage to help cover the area with

Never mind that as of Tuesday we've now got a racist tory for a mayor
who managed to bring enough wingnut votes in that the BNP ("Didn't our
granddads fight those guys in The War?") got a seat on the London
Assembly... *shudder*  It's like the Bush election all over again.


> Ah yes, the M25 orbital!  If you ever have patience to try out reading
> _Good Omens_ by Gaiman and Pratchett, it has a minor role as a demonic
> device encircling London for Satanic purposes.

Haha, I read enough of that to get that bit.  That book was interesting
in how clear it was who wrote which bits.  The big clue is that
Pratchett really doesn't do dialogue very well: he prefers to lay out a
few pages of spiraling exposition and scene-setting and then have a
character drop one dull-witted anticlimax or punchline.

I have never actually seen the M25, because I only ever leave London by
rail.  But it's a long-standing self-deprecating bit of identity for
London, and people like to pretend that their world view doesn't extend
outside it just to troll the stereotypes.  ("Oxford, eh?  Do they speak
English that far North?")

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