[conspire] NYLXS Press Release on the OLPC Project

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Thu May 1 10:37:09 PDT 2008

Fascinating Nick.  The great event in japanese history that I know of
was the typhoon in 1281 which wiped out the invading mogolese fleet
under Kublai Kahn of over 3500 ships.  

Apparently it was in the very same port, centuries later in 1945, that the US
Navy encountered "Typhoon Louise", "the most furious and lethal storm
ever encountered by the United States Navy in its entire History" in
which 270 ships of its fleet were sunk or grounded.


I did not know that the word kamikaze referred to these storms.


So wrote Nick Moffitt on Thursday,  1 May 2008:
> In Japan, the kamikaze is more famous for being actual storms that sunk
> a number of invading fleets several centuries ago.

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