[conspire] bayPIGgies meets Thursday, 3/20: Early PyCon Reports

jim stockford jim at well.com
Wed Mar 12 21:31:07 PDT 2008

bayPIGgies meets Thursday, 3/20: Early PyCon Reports

* SPECIAL NOTE: because many pythonistas are at PyCon
on the second Thursday of March (3/13), bayPIGgies has
moved our meeting to the third Thursday of this month,

bayPIGgies meeting Thursday 3/20:

Drew Perttula and Shannon jj Behrens on PyCon 2008

Drew and jj will be back from PyCon 2008 and will share
their experiences. If time permits, the group may discuss
plans for Concurrent PyCon 2010 in the San Francisco
bay area.

Location: Google Campus
Building 43, the Tunis room (first floor)

bayPIGgies meeting information:

* Please sign up in advance to have your google access
badge ready:
(no later than close of business on Wednesday.)


..... 7:30 PM ...........................
General hubbub, inventory end-of-meeting announcements,
any first-minute announcements.

..... 7:35 PM to 8:45 PM ................

The Talk (may extend a bit late)

..... 8:45 PM to 9:00 PM or After The Talk ................
Mapping and Random Access

Mapping is a rapid-fire audience announcement of topics
the announcers are interested in.

Random Access follows immediately to allow follow up
individually on the announcements and other topics of

The April 10 bayPIGgies Meeting

More PyCon Reports from Ed Cherlin, Charles Merriam, and Daryl Spitzer

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