[conspire] *buntu Hardy vs. Mandriva Powerpack 2008

Adrien Lamothe a_lamothe at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 8 10:14:54 PST 2008

Been using *buntu Gutsy a while and overall not very impressed by it. Wanted to check out Mandriva, so first installed Mandriva One 2008 on the same computer. Mandriva doesn't add other Linuxes to the boot menu, assumes itself as the only one you'll want to use. Not a big deal, but annoyying. Then, in the process of performing a large software update the internet connection got flakey; big mess, which Mandriva couldn't unscramble when I tried to re-run the updates; shows the vast superiority of APT and Debian package management.

Next, bought March issue of Linux Magazine, which includes a Mandriva Powerpack 2008 DVD. Installed it over the Mandriva One partition. Same annoyying boot menu sans Kubuntu. The wireless card wasn't configured and when I clicked "Yes" to install the appropriate packages things got flakey but then finally worked. So, not much difference between ONE and Powerpack except for the media players and a few other programs. Using MPP, downloaded Kubuntu Hardy Alpha 6, made CD and installed it on a new partition. Alpha 6 so far is great, much better than Gutsy. No more flakey boot loading like Gutsy. The biggest improvement is the 2.6.24 kernel's completely fair scheduling; the whole system is much snappier. *buntu gets a big advantage by staying close to the very latest Linux kernel. So far, not a lot of new software updates, though frequent.

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