[conspire] Multiple versions of avahi ???

David Fox dfox94085 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 19:35:36 PDT 2008

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 7:21 PM, Ken Bernard <kenbernard at gmail.com> wrote:

> First the hplip won't install because it depends on cups-devel.
> So when I tried to install cups-devel I got this message from apt-get:
> install cups-devel: * see below.

Sometimes putting both packages on the same install command line
solves that circular-dependency problem, but usually apt is able to
sort these things out.

> What is avahi  ?

It's a service discoverer/hardware finder thing - more info at http://avahi.org.

> Lugging a desktop and all it paraphernalia to CABAL is very difficult for
> me, so if someone give me
> an idea on how to proceed with this I would be grateful.

If that fails, do you have sshd enabled? Login remotely.

Looking at the log, it looks a lot more difficult than I thought.
> Ken Bernard

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