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Sat Jun 7 16:00:24 PDT 2008


Another thing you can do with old hardware is donate it to the school at
Geary and Scott streets in San Francisco, and get a tax deduction.

We are in the process of upgrading our lab from thin clients to hybrid
clients.  We really need about 30 Pentium 4 computers for next school year,
and we to have them in place by about July 20 or so.  The reason for this is
that we have had difficulties running video and audio from the server to the
23 thin clients on the network.

The good news is that the teachers are really coming to like and depend on
the lab.  The all bring their students in to the lab, and they are even
elbowing each other a bit for lab time.  The funny thing, though, is that
they don't want to have desktop computers in their own classrooms.  They
would be open to the idea of 30 EEE PCs or 30 OLPC XOs, but they don't want

At any rate, we really are trying to roll out some excellent performance on
Edubuntu, and so we would really love to have 23 working hybrid clients with
HDs of at least 40 GB and at least 512 MB of RAM running on P4s.  If any of
you hear of companies "upgrading" <cough, choke> to Vista, that would be a
good company to inquire as to what they are doing with their old XP
machines, as long as they are P4s.

We also need monitors.

And, of course, we are giving away computers to students and low income
people, such as the people we met at today's St. Anthony's FOSS demo and

Thanks in advance for any help!
Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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