[conspire] Now, _that's_ packet spoofing

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Jul 31 12:40:15 PDT 2008


  Great security story [link] from an obituary of former OSS agent Roger

    One of his favorite OSS stories involved a colleague sent to
    occupied France to destroy a seemingly impenetrable German tank at a
    key crossroads. The French resistance found that grenades were no use.

    The OSS man, fluent in German and dressed like a French peasant,
    walked up to the tank and yelled, "Mail!"

    The lid opened, and in went two grenades.

  Hall's book about his OSS days, You're Stepping on My Cloak and Dagger
  [link], is a must read.

Reportedly, Hall's slim 1957 volume is a lighthearted, vivid, extremely wry
true account of wartime espionage chaos and blundering:  Hall kept being
lengthily if haphazardly trained for special-ops missions that get
overtaken by events that either prevent them completely or make them

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