[conspire] Looking for good internet service to upper Haight in S.F.

Mark Weisler mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us
Thu Jan 31 09:38:05 PST 2008

On Thursday 31 January 2008 07:03:19 Don Marti wrote:
> begin Adrien Lamothe quotation of Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 08:21:28PM -0800:
> > Does anyone know a good ISP that can serve the upper Haight area of San
> > Francisco? An acquaintance is opening a business there soon and is hoping
> > to get decent service for less than what Comcast or AT&T are charging.
> If you want to think total cost of ownership
> -- taking into account the value of your time
> dealing with whatever the phone company is calling
> itself this year -- check out Raw Bandwidth:
> http://www.rawbandwidth.com/
> I use them for DSL with 5 static IP addresses, which
> is more of a business plan than residential, so I'm
> probably paying more but I never have to hear about
> how my call is important to somebody.

I agree with Don. I use Raw Bandwidth at my office and they are terrific in 
service and value. 
Quick illustration...
Someone asked me to _mail_ them a picture so I sent them a 1.1MB photo from 
home using Comcast. The sending process bogged down immediately and was 
approaching and hour in duration and apparently frozen. I decided this was 
taking too long and scp'd the photo to my office where I emailed it using the 
same mail services and accounts but delivered via my Raw Bandwidth DSL 
connection. The mail went through in a few seconds. I suspect Comcast of 
traffic shaping large mail attachments.

(I know that a better approach would be to put the file on a ftp or http 
server but that would have taken a few more steps on my part and I simply 
opted for the easy way in this instance.)

My other transactions (both residential and in business consulting) with 
the "larger providers" convince me that, if your time is worth more than 
about $4/hour, going with a quality and caring service provider like Raw 
Bandwidth is the best value.

Mark Weisler 
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