[conspire] Kubuntu on ppc Rocks

John Andrews jla1000 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 26 22:50:53 PST 2008

	I upgraded to Gusty using the Adept dist-upgrade tool. I have it working now
and the color and quality of the screen looks much better than edgy or fiesty 
did! I didn't have to touch those settings at all.
	 When it first rebooted it wouldn't boot and dropped into busy box.
There was some message about /dev/hda3 doesn't exist.( that's the root.)
Then I tried the "old" label at the boot prompt and Gutsy started up perfect.
That seemed pretty strange to me because I thought "old"
was left over from the original imac .I felt lucky getting it going that easy.
	Now I've found there's a ppc alternate cd for the new 8.04 available right 
now.I think I'll wait before I nuke all my hard work.

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