[conspire] Preparing dual-boot system

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jan 21 17:33:30 PST 2008

Correcting myself, for whatever it's worth:

> Anyway, attempting to cut to the chase, what you tend to see on Linux is
> one or more X11/desktop front-end utility (Arson, CDBakeOven, K3b,
> SimpleCDR-X, webCDWriter, X-CD-Roast, gcombust, GNOME Baker, ECLiPt
> Roaster, etc., etc.) that front-ends one or more command-line tool
> (for the burning operation:  cdrecord, growisofs, or wajig;  for the
> assembling of IS09660 or UDF filesystems that would be burned:  mkisofs,
> mkhybrid).  

Er, not "wajig", which is something else entirely.

Should be "wodim", a different entry in the Debian Project "Bizarre
Program Names That Rick Can't Remember" sweepstakes.  The "wodim"
disk-burning utility (allegedly short for "Write Optical DIsk Media") is
part of a new-ish bundle of related utilities called cdrkit.  wodim is
fork of Joerg Schilling's "cdrecord", which is part of his cdrtools

As I said, it's part of the overall Schilling fallout, about which these
should give you a decent picture:


("Talk" link is because the main Wikipedia article doesn't tell the full 

cdrtools/cdrecord was always gratuitously Linux-hostile in a number of
small ways (which pattern ultimately traced to Schilling's personal views), 
and so cdrkit systematically fixes those annoyances.

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