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bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 20 19:43:10 PST 2008

external NTFS filesystems tend to get treated differently by different distro's. I plan on wiping out my 500g external usb drive's NTFS after saving critical data to a 2 sided DVD blank Christian plans to bring next time, not so subtle reminder. Daniel wisely fixed that partition using a w2k install [normally I only have w98se available as a windows] before storing the recovery junk from my TL-58 64x2 based new laptop. 
I plan to use both an ext3 and a FAT-32 partition on it as these OS'es all seem to recognize FAT-32 fine. 

I  found PC-BSD goes onto partition 3 easily when preparing for the many times an EBLUG.org speaker flaked on us. It seemed to work well enough on my celeron laptop too.
My style of PARTITION setup. 
16g of FAT32 on sda1, it will get changed by XP on my laptop when I ever get around to it and find an installer for the liscensed downgrade.
7999meg of ext3 on sda2 for a small-ish last linux like Antix MEPIS whose GRUB install usually ties it all toghether nicely. Install this last.
8999meg of ext3 on sda3 initially for PC-BSD which will do its own thing here later, I think it needed a primary.
All the rest are in the extended sda4 partition.
9888 meg of ext3 on sda5.
2999 meg of swap on sda6, the 'perfect' place when multi-booting. Because I only have 2g of ram on my boxes now and my 64x2 desktop box could have 16g
10999g of ext3 on sda7...until ...
32g of FAT-32 on sda15 as a data exchange area and maybe w98 as well. Linux rarely handles more than 15 partitions on a drive correctly anymore! 
I'd do this using the latest Gparted linux distribution, starting at the front and progressing to the back in one session. It's possible under some tools to get partitions with higher designation numbers in front of other partitions and cause many bizarre errors in the installed distributions.
I have PC-BSD 1.41 in my case along with many linux distributions. - kilgoreSTARSLAYERexcelsior at rationalwiki aka Bruce, President of EBLUG.org

... prepare my hard drives so that
> > I can install a multi-boot system next Saturday; I'll probably arrive
> > around 8 PM, so I'd like to do whatever preparatory work that I can
> > ahead of time. I'll probably just go with a few flavors of GNU/Linux
> > and maybe a free version of BSD. I'm new to GNU/Linux, so I don't know
> > what distributions might appeal to me most. I won't need to make a
> > final decision, as I can experiment and revise as I learn more about
> > what's available.
> As long as you bring the machine itself when you arrive, the rest may be
> decided on the spot.

I was concerned that it might take a long time to reformat the disks
before getting started with the installations as I'm bringing some
friends who might not want to stay too late....
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