[conspire] When will came out the latest version of xxbuntu?

Adrien Lamothe a_lamothe at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 10 23:40:56 PST 2008

Actually, there is a difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu, that may be important to some people. Kubuntu doesn't install all the .NET enabled libraries (i.e. Project Mono) and programs that are installed with GNOME. Some people prefer not to even have that stuff on their systems. Part of the deal between Microsoft and Novell is that Microsoft has licensed software patents to Novell. The .NET patents are undoubtedly part of that deal. Meanwhile, Microsoft has been going around threatening software and system companies with software patent violation lawsuits. Some of those companies have actually knuckled under to those threats.

If you first install Ubuntu, then install KDE, you will still have GNOME and Mono on your system. Of course, you could then remove all of those, but it will take time.

David Fox <dfox94085 at gmail.com> wrote: On 1/10/08, jose tav  wrote:
> I have Ubuntu on my machines, I am thinking in truing Kubuntu for change.
> Somebody can bring a copy of Kubuntu to the next meeting?

You can basically turn your existing system into kubuntu by simply
installing kde from the
ubuntu repositories. There's really no need to install another
"distribution" since it really isn't one: it's just a "flavor" of
ubuntu, with kde packages instead of gnome.

Bruce C has all my ubuntu disks.. we should be at the next meeting
along with some other distro's I've managed to get these past two
days, including new ultima liveDVD and Sabayon.

(currently seeding both here)

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