[conspire] Communications, a lack thereof

Andrew Fife afife at untangle.com
Wed Jan 2 15:04:55 PST 2008


> it's easy to imagine the "if they take down your
> DSL they have to pay you $10 per IP address per day"
> bill passing too.

I respectfully disagree because the gift card has already been paid for
with a clearly established value.  The bandwidth per IP address would be
harder to guage because, for the average household, determining the exact
length of the outage would be impossible to establish.  Also, unless there
is a specific uptime SLA in the contract, it could be prove hard that the
provider violated its contract.  Frankly, I haven't read my own DSL terms
very closely, so maybe it is proveable.  But regardless, AT&T's legacy
with PG&E and Pacific Telesis under its belt make it pretty darn well
connected into California state government, so passing any legislation
against their interests would be difficult IMHO, no matter how clear cut
the issue might be.   


> I have a store gift card worth exactly $10. Not only can I not get cash
> for it, I can't get ANYTHING for it. Ideas?

Yes, give it to me.


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