[conspire] About that bread, and food locations at CABAL installfests.

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 29 16:14:52 PST 2008

I find real difficulty putting food where it will get eaten and remain safe. The small space at the end of the stove island gets too crowded. Putting it in the garage meant nobody else had any of my salad. The strawberry something cake was served from right next to the sink and would have been dangerous on the island. 
I think I found that bread, Rick, it was cool to the touch and perfect for the soup I ate with it. 
Thank you very much, it's nice to have some bread without garlic butter as part of a meal. 

Finally, wood blisters much earlier and at much less heat than professional "arson inspectors" routinely testified to in court until last year - SO - anyone putting wood in the microwave must exercise exteeme caution. My roomies destroyed all my salad bowls in CollAge . One should avoid the magical thinking that wood or food safe varnish, slightly more plausible regarding the varnish, will detect microwaves and instantly explode. The fact that wood does heat blister easily led to not just, putting away innocent fire victims as arson murderers, but also the myth that anything not "microwave safe" will instantly blow up on microwave exposure. Bad expert testimony in court exists beyond 'Black Magic' of Oklahoma infamy.  
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