[conspire] 2008-03-25 Tue Shuttleworth Ubuntu BALUG was-MEPIS vs SE Linux

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Thu Feb 28 21:26:59 PST 2008

On Tue, 26 Feb 2008 21:03:59 -0800 (PST), "bruce coston"
<jane_ikari at yahoo.com> said:
> Ubuntu earned itself a ban for its whole family by disappearing its
> partitions a couple weeks after install. Then, some of us discovered that
> unsolved bugs tend to get disappeared from their site. But thats not all,
> I got a phone call from a linuxforums/org listadmin about how some ubuntu
> listadmin was insisting my bug report should disappear. I've seen some
> blog entries about the refusal to address real problems on Ubuntu Forums
> and you won't find me wasting my time reporting problems there. We should
> expect that Warren's tired now having left the distro that botched over
> 99 of my installs. [Suppossedly fixed now, don't hurt linux that way and
> don't expect me back!]

Bug delisting improperly seems very bad.  Important opportunity to get
details from _the_ man, & perhaps create improvements.

2008-03-25 (NOTE: this is NOT BALUG's REGULAR MEETING DATE (3rd
Tuesdays) and is also a CHANGE FROM EARLIER SCHEDULED DATE that was
mentioned in at least some forums.) Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu/Canonical

I think this might be Shuttleworth's first significantly pre-announced
public appearance in the bay area.

If you care about Ubuntu(s), please do attend. :)

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