[conspire] MEPIS vs SE Linux

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 21:03:59 PST 2008

MEPIS remains my go to distro when, it occurs much too often, Some distro does not verify my backup to DVD using K3B successfully. S.E.L. features earned themselves a bad reputation for mysterious refusal to do tasks that boil down to permissions errors. I will toss the distro for needing chown or chmod just once! With 300+ distro to choose from, your distro had better respect my time. I demand 1hr. rebuilds, for various reasons. If I can't do a whole rebuild in under an hour, I won't deliberately put it on my main box. Currently my main box's PCLinuxOS install works worse than the one that lasted for 11mo.

Ubuntu earned itself a ban for its whole family by disappearing its partitions a couple weeks after install. Then, some of us discovered that unsolved bugs tend to get disappeared from their site. But thats not all, I got a phone call from a linuxforums/org listadmin about how some ubuntu listadmin was insisting my bug report should disappear. I've seen some blog entries about the refusal to address real problems on Ubuntu Forums and you won't find me wasting my time reporting problems there. We should expect that Warren's tired now having left the distro that botched over 99 of my installs. [Suppossedly fixed now, don't hurt linux that way and don't expect me back!]

MEPIS and PCLinusOS both tend to just go in and work . I see such dumb things "broken" I occasionally wonder if anything gets tested.

I certainly hope your fave distro does not suffer the typical annoyances I've seen with "Security Enhanced Linux" previously.

Without accurate and easy recovery systems,  computing stinks in the worst way. [ Special hint for an S.E. distro, I multi boot and need to back up parts of the windows partition.]

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