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On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 12:42 AM, Edward Cherlin <echerlin at gmail.com> wrote:

> I find that the general principle for handling clueless geeks is to
> Tell Them. Ahead of time, on-site,

Also, maybe getting them to sign up to do dishes at a certain time might be
good, too.  Rick makes a really good point here.  He has hosted CABAL long
enough.  He shouldn't have to put up with this messiness after all of these
years.  We should really organize this better.  Maybe we could have someone
other than Rick take responsibility for organizing periodic (once per hour)
sweeps of his house and pick up stuff and someone else wash dishes, so that
it is not all left to the end for Rick to do.

If no one wants to help Rick to do the clean up, maybe we should just take
up a collection from everyone who comes, and hire someone to do the cleaning
for this event.  We could just divide the cost of that person's services and
divide among the number of people who show up.  We could estimate attendance
based on people who show up for the prior CABAL meetings, and get
collections.  We could also have a kitty ahead of time, so that the person's
wage is funded before the day of the event, so that Rick is not left holding
the bag for that person's expenses.  Rick has kept us all together all these
years by hosting this event, and IMHO we should chip in, or else Rick will
burn out and then we will have lost the benefit of a fun and consistent
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