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Sat Feb 23 23:20:15 PST 2008

On Fri, 22 Feb 2008 06:30:35 -0800, gpope at pcmagic.net said:
> My grandson will be here today. Anybody know someone there that could
> advise 
> regarding a tour? seeing the google earth display? if there is such a
> thing? 
> thanks 

You're probably referring to the very interesting (IMHO) video display
of the earth, showing realtime the quantities of search queries coming
in to google from around the earth. That was the first inside stop on a
tour I once took there. Probably most googlers know where that is, but
for specifics it is about 75 feet from the rocketship google has hanging
over a stairway.  The entrance door is not far from the dinosaur
skeleton outside. That might be three intersting things for a grandson
to see, depending on his age.

Don't know how to get a tour. There are several women I've met at
various google events who are in public relations or some such
department, who help organize the events, and lead tours. Perhaps you
could get ahold of them. Or Chris DiBona or Marc MERLIN, googlers & past
officers of svlug, likely too busy to arrange a tour, though for an
email they might point you to a tour giving pr person. 

Although there's a minimal chance you could find someone there to help
you on Sunday, if your grandson's gonna be around on a workday next
week, you might could just go to google & ask around politely if someone
would be so kind as to let you & your grandson take a look at the
display, &/or the rocket. That worked for me once.

Good luck! :)
> george pope
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