[conspire] Acer 5420-5687

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 5 13:22:53 PST 2008

If its literally a 5420-5687, return it FAST ! The power unit really is bad. I'm glad I got mine in but was shocked yet again when they refunded my purchase price to my card today. Never underestimate how criminal tricks behind a good deal might get. The lack of both the traditional recovery cd and breakout dongle for the enhanced s-video tells me the sale was not sincere initially. Had they sold it sincerely, they would have included the dongle to make how good the product was more obvious to onlookers. "Selling" something where you don't take advantage of extra marketing opportunities should raise alarm bells. Lack of in-store pickup, where I may conduct cursory inspection before I'm out shipping charges, did raise suspicion. It had some niggling issues from day one, but less than my c301nr.
> I looked at that model in Best Buy and the specs and physical quality
> looked good. Looked like it should run Linux well.

Daniel Gimpelevich and I (mostly Daniel) have been helping a guy who came
into the SF-LUG meeting at the Javacat on Sunday with a similar problem.  I
am mostly just talking to the guy on the phone as a welcome wagon sort of
thing, since he is a new member.  Daniel has been doing all the work.
Daniel started with Gutsy 64 bit, but the ethernet wouldn't work, nor the
wifi.  Daniel switched to Debian Sid, when last I spoke with him, and seemed
to be making progress.  Daniel will much more accurate details than I.
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