[conspire] Fwd: looking for good FAQ Websites for CPU heatsink/Fan hardware

K Sandoval indigo.kai at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 23:01:53 PDT 2008

Hiya Everyone,

If I have been quiet lately it is because I have been doing lots of
research on the web.

THANK YOU very much for your post and all the wonderful
information/thoughts you all provided.  Your feedback has been very
helpful in determining which hardware to use from the nearly
overwhelming selections/options available now-a-days.

I expect to have all the parts gathered together for this weekends
CABAL-Fest.  Putting the CPU on the Motherboard, and the Thermal
Grease is my big weakness.  I have never installed a CPU or changed
out a heatsink/fan before.  I think I can handle the rest of the
hardware assembly from there.  I have swapped out hard drives/CD
ROMS/Floppy Drives, changed out RAM, and upgraded a Power Supply
before.   I am fairly confident that all the hardware is compatible
and should work ok together.

It is true that I will be installing Microsoft XP SP2 on this system.
I have an XP SP-2 install disk and license key.  This system will be a
stand alone system with NO Network access.  Network security and
anti-virus concerns should not be any real big concern.  The only real
applications that will be running on this system will be Solitaire and
Quicken for my dad.  (Yes, my dad is happily expecting this new
system.  I can hardly wait to bring in the OLD system he has been
using for everyone to see.  I wonder if I can use his old box as a

I understand XP is an unusual request. If anyone is interested, I
would be open to bartering or working out a trade for any assistance I
might need with building this system, getting the OS installed, and up
and running.  I am hoping that this build will go as uneventfully as


- Kai

Ms.Kai Sandoval


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