[conspire] Seeking Good Bookstore for IT Books in the Area

prosolutions at gmx.net prosolutions at gmx.net
Fri Apr 4 20:33:05 PDT 2008

Guys, this is ground-breaking to me!  So many schools have
absolutely crap for offerings in IT, or else are totally unaffordable.
I was at Foothill today and was blown away by their course offerings,
not to mention the mind-blowing facilities on campus there.  I only wish
there was a transit line that went directly to the main campus and a
better one that went to the Palo Alto extension.

Here are a few other courses/course books I saw in the bookstore which
look like excellent classes:

CNET 054A Networking Fundamentals
     054B Routing Protocols and Concepts
     052P PHP Programming with MySQL
     068E Learning PERL
     052A Database Systems
     015A C++
     015C Data Structures

I really cannot understand, with this being Silicon Valley and all, that
there would not be a ton of places offering similar courses all over.
Apparently some geniuses in the 90's thought that axing education
budgets would somehow help out the economy by saving money.  Yeah.  Ok.


So wrote Deirdre Saoirse Moen on Friday,  4 April 2008:
> http://foothill.edu/schedule/schedule.php
> CIS 68K
> They also have classes in Perl, PHP, Linux, Javascript, XML, Java, C+ 
> +, C#, JSP, and so on.
> They've had classes in Ruby, but don't have one this term.

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