[conspire] he.net woes --> seeking ISP recommendations

Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Tue Oct 30 18:21:48 PDT 2007


Eric De Mund <ead at ixian.com>:
] If I got my actual network connectivity from Raw Bandwidth, it appears
] that I'd be required to re-sign with SBC, no?

Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>:
] _No._ (Eh?)

For the archives, and I apologize if I wasn't clear on this particular
point, these days I don't have any home phone lines, DSL lines, or any-
thing at all from SBC/PacBell/AT&T. (FYI, for telephone services, I have
basic MetroPCS mobile phone service, and for Internet services, I have
connectivity from Comcast and domain hosting and services from Hurricane
Electric [he.net].) And so my understanding was that I'd need to at least
acquire a new home phone line from SBC/PacBell/AT&T. This is, in fact,
correct: I would need to "re-sign with SBC" in order to be able to take
advantage of Raw Bandwidth.

I confirmed this in a phone call to Raw Bandwidth earlier today.

And so the monthly cost to me of a Raw Bandwidth solution would very
roughly be $45 (Raw Bandwidth) + $15 (SBC's $5.79 measured rate service
plus $9-$10 of various fees) = $60.

Thank you, Rick, for sharing your dollar figures; they were very useful
to see.

Now I need to sit down and decide if I want to go the Raw Bandwidth
route. I do like that everything would be under my control.


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