[conspire] screen grab/dump of multiscreen web page?

Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Sun Oct 14 04:46:33 PDT 2007


Is there a way in linux to grab or dump a multiple-screens-tall web page
to one .png file? I've come across some web pages that, when I under Ice-
weasel select:

    File /
    Print... /
    Printer Name: PostScript/default /
    [V] Print to File

, I end up with a PostScript file that has truncated, missing material.
The page in question is:

    The FontFeed >> The Logos of Web 2.0

A "File / Print Preview" and eyeballing of page 2 will quickly show the
bad behavior I'm trying to get around.

More generally, is there a screengrab program/utility in linux that when
you click on the window to acquire, grabs/dumps the entirety of the win-
dow's contents, on screen and off, to one image file?

Alternatively, is there a way to define a page length of "infinite" or
"very, very large" so that when I print to a file with a PostScript
printer, the entire image fits on one "page"?

In the parlance of the Windows program SnagIt, this is called capturing
a scrolling window or scrolling web page. Sample WebShot output (it's a
similar program), is viewable at:


Thanks for any pointers,
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