[conspire] Why I missed CABAL today

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 22:57:59 PDT 2007

We had a really cool event here at the public middle school that our
community is supporting with FOSS.  There must have been 1000 teachers here
for a conference called "Teachers for Social Justice."  It was awesome.  We
took a number of them through the Edubuntu Linux lab.  They seemed to be
reasonably well impressed.  Two of those visiting the lab were members of
the Board of Education for SFUSD.

My own personal goal for this lab has been to have a bit of a ripple
effect.  The two members who visited had different reactions.  I won't
reveal their identities here on the list because we do have a least one
Microsoft employees who has been to CABAL barbecues (with Rick's permission,
of course), and so I don't want to put that person in the awkward position
of feeling the need to discuss it with his superiors.

At any rate, one of the Board members said that he / she felt that this lab
could be a useful example of what is possible, but would not commit to
helping do anything to bring FOSS to SFUSD; and the other Board member said
that there are changes going on that might help accelerate adoption and he /
she suggested some steps that we could take to try to get the FOSS camel's
nose in under the tent.  But that Board member also said he / she "would not
do anything to pull the rug out from under" the feet of the SFUSD IT
department.  I suggested that we think about ways to contact some of the
personnel involved with the changes, and so that was kind of useful.

So if anyone is interested in discussing this further off list, please let
me know.

See ya.
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