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Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Thu Nov 29 08:17:37 PST 2007

hi ya 'conspire"

why is this a separate list ?? i'd prefer it out in the community 
but thanx anyway for including me ...

> Rick Moen wrote:
> As additional comment:  The bit about Reiber making decisions with VP
> Mark Weisler is a rather outrageous sham, as Reiber has consistently
> ignored his VP's recommendations or simply not consulted him in the
> first place, with the result that Mark Weisler tendered his resignation
> this morning.  (He didn't really single out Mark in ignoring his advice;
> Reiber ignores pretty much everyone else's, too.)

more importantly, paul seems to ignore the community's wants/desires

so hopefuly, the mailing list, website issue stuff is resolved,
and that volunteers will stepp up to the plate with all protective

>  From: Darlene Wallach <freepalestin at dslextreme.com>
>  To: SVLUG Volunteers <volunteers at lists.svlug.org>
>  CC: Mark Weisler <mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us>
>  Subject: Re: [volunteers] december meeting agenda
> Paul Reiber wrote:
> [snip]
> >Here's "open" for you - Mark and I are saddled with the following
> >decisions we have to make, sometime soon:
> >
> >- Should we have a Treasury, and add a Treasurer officer position?
> There is no need for SVLUG to have a treasurer. SVLUG should
> *not* have a treasurer officer position.

dont need one unless it has a checking acct and even than,
anybody can sign on a check or use their visa to pay svlug bills

> >- Should we plop down a few bills, retain a lawyer, and do the 501c3 thing?
> SVLUG already voted this down. There is no need for SVLUG
> to become a non-profit organization.

that's a waste of time and $$$

who is gonna donate stuff to svlug that needs that silly
donation slip ...

but more importantly... i dont remember it coming up for vote

> >- What accountability do we _want_ to place on ourselves regarding
> >donated hardware? regarding donated funds?
> SVLUG should use any/all donated equipment in the expressed
> places and ways in which it was donated. Equipment should
> not be taken from the place in which it was intended to be
> used and taken to someone's house, for instance. Sponsors
> who donate equipment/services should have the
> equipment/services used for the intended purposes in which
> they were donated and not be used for other purposes.

precisely and explicitly the problem with donated stuff
and not just a problem of svlug either

freebsd folks seems to be lot better with their donations
and shows some effort made for accountability

> >- Should we adopt bylaws? rules of operation?  Or, is a more organic
> >approach warranted?
> I have been told we SVLUG has policies in place for the
> mailing list. SVLUG has policies for term of office for
> president and vice-president. SVLUG has policies or at
> least past procedures for electing president and
> vice-president.

it exists 

i'll go dig it up as time permits

> >- Should we avail ourselves of the very generous offers of some of our
> >larger sponsors?
> If you are referring to accepting large amounts of money
> from a very generous sponsor who might want to offer a

i think the discussion is about google wanting to maintain
svlug mailing list .. but as paul says its just discussion
and obviously has been defeated 22:1

its better to talk specifics instead of riddles and "coverups"

> very generous amount of money, I assert SVLUG does not need
> a large amount of money.

never has .. doesn't need it

> >PLEASE NOTE - these are decisions that MARK and I need to make - while
> >constructive input from the rest of the group is welcome, "that's just
> >plain stoopid" type comments are neither warranted nor welcome.  The
> >challenges for SVLUG are pretty obvious and evident, and I'm only
> >interested in solutions, not in talking about "making sure we don't
> >make the same mistakes someone else did" or stuff like that.

the problem is .. who decides that its an acceptable solution

this is not a dictatorship

> Mark - I'm cc'ing you since I don't think my response will
> get through the "moderated" flag on my email address.
i'm sure lots of people will forward her email as requested

> Interesting that I may be the only person to respond to
> Paul on this.

responding to what??

i stopped reading most of his stuff except to skim it
( aka about 2 seconds of time spent on it )
	- i'm looking for stuff to do rquests
	or if my name gets thrown into the pot which i'll defend
	if its incorrect statements

c ya

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