[conspire] Got Kubuntu Installed on PPC

John Andrews jla1200 at netzero.net
Fri Nov 9 19:14:37 PST 2007

	I got Kubuntu installed after botching the first try. Which left it  
My old imac didn't do the c key  right so I used openfirmware with
boot cd:,\install\yaboot  to start the installer.

	The only thing is now it  goes through the yaboot screens. Then the  
Kubuntu splash screen
and it dumps you into a tty console to log in.You can startx into X11  
mode fine and the system
operates. But it does the same procedure when you log out. X11/ Text  
mode/halt to stop it.

	What can I do to make it boot right.?

	I remember reading something about dri in X11.conf.

	Can you upgrade Dapper to a later version?

	Did they stop supporting ppc? after Dapper?

	Don't even ask about understanding openfirmware! Seems incredibly  


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