[conspire] Utility to rescue formatted EXT3 partition & distribution, choice?

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> Unfortunately, I like my Flash movies.  I don't subscribe to cable, so
> that's about the only way I can experience a large chunk of Americana,
> the Daily Show or Colbert Report, for instance.  Please don't hate me. 

I have flash 9 working here, although "working" means that it works
in Firefox but not in Konqueror, and I do 90% at least of my browsing in
konqueror, just because of its smaller footprint. Normal flash video 
(youtobe) works well in FF, but some doesn't (abc news video clips in
particular don't -- I suspect they are compressed). For youtube stuff
I sometimes use a handy-dandy script (youtube downloader) which I'll
attatch to this message since it's not all that big. That lets me
capture the file and view it with mplayer. Lots of stuff are viewable
that way, but nothing I have will play the other (compressed?) flash
file format.

> Flash 7 barely worked on Linux.  Pictures or audio sometimes didn't
> play, there were synchronization issues, occasionally flying monkeys

I've had synchronization issues, sound loops, video playing too fast,
and assorted issues too. Then there are the sites that are seemingly
encoded to only support flash 8, despite that there wasn't any flash 8,
just flash 7 and flash 9.

> My misapprehension was not immediately dispelled by several previous
> visits to www.debian.org, which really seems to emphasize Stable to the
> exclusion of other varieties.  It took following four

That's likely because etch isn't released yet.

> a Testing download.  When I looked at the CDIMAGE page last week before
> downloading SIDUX it mentioned that the latest weekly versions were

SIDUX draws from sid, so that may not be an issue.

> I probably do not need a jigdo of all 22 ISOs in testing, but then
> again, the netinst may not quite give me a complete system with X and a

What I did was install the first DVD from the weekly-builds site using
jigdo. AFAICT I got it from here:


Somewhere there should be a repository for testing/DVD.

I had the suburl for it (that went directly to the debian weekly builds
page for i386) bookmarked but I just tried to go there and got a 404. I
haven't tried it in quite sometime :(. 

>  I followed SID via Kanotix for a couple of years until the machine that
> it was on was mothballed last fall.  I had to restrain my desire to do a

Normally on testing I only aptitude update && aptitude ugprade once
a week. There aren't a large amount of diffs from one week to the next
(today's download was 37MB). OTOH, I've done updates that were over 

> apt-get upgrade every time I booted or I would have been downloading
> probably a gig or two a month, plus, on that old PIII 550 installing the

I do a kit nire than that easily. If you don't have a download cap, then
don't worry about it. If you do, maybe you need to switch your ISP.

> new software took forever if I didn't do it regularly. Once or twice I
> had some serious breakage, but generally things cleared up in a day or
> two with a few more updates.  Eventually the machine just felt too pokey
> even though it had 384 MB of RAM.  I'm not sure if that was because I

Bruce's box I babysitted was basically a III/500 with 384 mb. Definitely
pokey compared with my machine (amd 1000/768M) but of course all that is
relative, and I'm sure most would think my box pokey :).

> My only real experience with Etch was Mepis 3.3, but though it was a
> snapshot of Etch, it didn't evolve with it, and at some point it fell

I think it was Mepis 3.3. but probably was an earlier version that was
my intro to Etch as well - this was just before sarge became the new
stable, so actually it was a mixture of what would be etch & sarge at
that point, since Mepis at that time tracked Warren's idea of a mix
between testing & unstable.

My first apt-get update && upgrade sucked down over 500 mb of 
differences - nearly the whole CD content :). In terms of content and
bandwidth, I could have just gotten the #1 CD of debian and did
everything else over the net to begin with.

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