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Don Marti hosted the _first_ mailing list CABAL had.  Here's a sample
reposting, revived from the distant past.

Get up and stretch, by the way.

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Important facts (OK, random notes) from the "Future of Linux" panel.

1. Lots of people run their businesses on Linux; world domination can
happen sooner if we just convince all clueless middle managers to take
up donuts, gin and heroin.  Just thinking out loud -- how to get
_Wired_ to do a special issue "Grease, Sugar, Alcohol and Opiates:
Power Information Tools of the New Network Economy"?  All we Linux
freaks have to do is stay healthy while they drop like flies.  So get
up and stretch, drink plenty of water, etc.

2. Intel is flying the Linux flag, big time.  Sunil Saxena may not be
il formaggio grande di tutti i grandi fromaggi, but Intel is listening
and helping the Linux vendors officially.  It's not just some cube rat
sending Linus a patch for the f00f bug.  Good to watch a company not
stick its head in a wood chipper for the Evil One.

3. VA Research has good people working for them and makes some fine
Linux machines -- including one that will compile the 2.0.34 kernel in
45 seconds (with make -j) -- but they need a better host naming
convention than characters from "Xena, the Warrior Princess."

4. Linus isn't worried about getting Linux running on Merced.  So I'm
not worried and you shouldn't be worried either.  (see number 2)

5. Application vendors have too many dumbass sales reps to listen
well.  Get together with other Linux customers to hit them with the
proverbial clue-by-four until they port.  Users are doing this, and
according to a rumor on slashdot.org, users of at least one popular
proprietary server-side package may have achieved some success
recently.  Once vendors have the customers lined up, porting is easy
-- all they have to do is install Linux, copy the source over, type
"make" and go to lunch.  (Not that easy but you get the idea.)

6. Lots of really super-confidential secret-agent NDA-from-hell stuff
is happening among the leading Linux vendors, and you're not cool
enough to hear about it, nyaah, nyaah. (see number 4)

7. Did you get up and stretch? (see number 1)

8. Software patents must die.  Samba kicks ass.  Taos wants you.
Marketing is a consensus reality.  See you at LINC.

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