[conspire] spare 2Wire AC adapter? (output 5.1V DC 2A)

Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Thu Jun 14 11:35:53 PDT 2007


E] Does anyone have a spare 2Wire AC adapter with output 5.1V DC 2A that
E] I could purchase for a couple of bucks for my neighbors who are writ-
E] ers and aren't particularly tech-savvy? Their AC adapter has given up
E] the ghost and AT&T/Pacbell wants to charge them an arm and a leg (the
E] arm for the adapter and the leg for shipping).

R] 2A is a rather large wall wart. Radio Shack should have a suitable
R] unit, but they will probably want $25 to $30.
R] If you want to pay less, try Halted Specialties. Halted has bins of
R] wall warts sorted by output voltage and current rating. Much less
R] expensive than anywhere else.

Thanks for this suggestion. I appreciate it. I dug through these bins
at Halted over the course of two days and did manage to find a DC 5V 2A
adapter, but unfortunately it had a larger "C"-type plug on the end
rather than the smaller "B"-type (4.0x1.7mm: outer x inner diameter)
plug that the 2Wire device requires. Seeing as I don't have a soldering
iron any more, I'm loathe to cut the ends off of the two adapters and
move the good "B"-type plug onto the new adapter. I'd have to twist the
wires together, and that solution worries me, fire-wise.

Perhaps I'll stop by Weird Stuff Warehouse and see if they have any of
these adapters laying about.

Fry's did have a 2500mA multi-voltage adapter in their AC adapters aisle
that had a 5V setting and a whole set of six plugs, "A"-type through
"F"-type, but it ran $17.

The Radio Shack I went to in Sunnyvale didn't have any 5V adapters at
all, but again you were right, what they did have appeared to be quite

Thanks for the tips; I'll keep hunting.

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