[conspire] anyone interested in helping represent Conspire at LinuxWorld Expo?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jul 10 19:24:39 PDT 2007

Quoting jim stockford (jim at well.com):

> If you'd like to put in a little time at the community
> table (for LUGs) and/or have other ideas as to
> how to promote the conspire mailing list or the
> CABAL activities or anything else related, please
> let me know ASAP--the IDG coordinator is finalizing
> the table arrangements today or tomorrow.

What would really be good, ye CABAL regulars, would be for one of you to
prototype a brief informational flyer about CABAL, suitable for printing
out and stacking at the LWCE community table for LUGs that Jim is
speaking of.

In my experience, the best physical format for a LUG flyer is
quarter-sheet.  That is, you design your flyer to have the same text in
each of the four quarters of an 8.5 x 11" sheet, with matching backside
text in the same configuration.  You print, photocopy, and cut into

Why?  Because people tend to lose full letter-sized sheets, having
picked up a million of them and inevitably losing them into ever-growing
piles of same.  By contrast, quarter-sheet flyers are kinda cute, and
stand out.

Trifold flyers are almost as good.

If someone could (please) prototype a CABAL flyer and provide electronic
copy, I'll make sure it gets to LWCE.

(I'm really busy with work, and can't spare the time to design flyers
right now.)

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