[conspire] backup/duplication via DVD burner

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Wed Jan 24 21:26:57 PST 2007

Hi, folks.

I'm looking for an easy way for folks at my workplace to replicate
systems without network access.  mkcdrec looks good (someone before me
used it for Fedora Core 3) but it apparently needs to have the package
installed on the running system but otherwise the google hasn't been
very helpful.  (Maybe I'm just not a good enough keyword-picker- and
that is definitely the art of the google)

I'm looking for something that'll run off a load-to-RAM liveCD so I
can use it on an arbitrary Linux system (or even better, one that
supports QNX and other OSs too).  If I don't find something
ready-made, I'll try to make one with make-live.  I think I read that
they recently implemented "toram" like knoppix and DSL have.

Any experiences?

Tony Godshall

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