[conspire] Edgy install on G3 imac

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jan 5 19:00:33 PST 2007

Quoting John Andrews (jla1200 at netzero.net):

> 6.Can't get any Edgy alternate .iso to start at all.

We can't do anything with this description, because it's far too vague.  
The same goes for pretty nearly the entire rest of your post.

When seeking technical help, you should try to speak in terms of
_process_, i.e., specifically I did this, this happened, I did this
next, this happened, etc.  In order to support that, it's highly
desirable for you to take _contemporaneous notes_, rather than waiting
until after the fact and sending us your vague recountings.

> I tried to install Edgy on ppc imac
> 1. Partitioned too many times till I aborted

Too many time for what?  Why would you need to partition more than once?

It's possible you meant "I couldn't get past the partitioning step for
[reason foo]", but you didn't say that.

In any event, you didn't specify Edgy _what_, in the above.  Edgy for
PPC is available in Desktop, Alternative, and Server images.  One might
guess that you meant Desktop -- but the point is that, if we have to
guess, then you're making a fundamental error in your approach to this

> 2. Got Edgy started but stalled at about 70%

It's possible that "started" means "I booted the kernel of the Desktop
CD for PPC".  It's possible that "stalled at about 70%" means "it went
through hardware initialisation and was firing up pieces of the GNOME
desktop, but never finished by 20 minutes later when I got tired of
waiting".  But again, you shouldn't oblige us to guess what you mean.

If I _am_ guessing right, it might reflect you simply not having a lot
of RAM.  By the way, that would have been a really useful piece of
information for you to include, rather than just saying "G3 iMac".

> 4.Burned 2 new .iso's --They wouldn't start at all.

Did you have any reason at all to think that the earlier CD might be
bad, or were you just trying random things?  Did you bother to confirm
the ISO md5sum or sha1sum before burning the disc?  Were you able to
loopback mount the CDR you burned?

You don't bother to tell us what "wouldn't start at all" means.  Again, 
please don't make it so we can only guess.

> 8.Edgy installer can't find the internal disk.

Which Edgy installer, the one on Desktop or the one on Alternate?  

What did the installer tell you that lead you to believe that it
"couldn't find" the disk?  Your wording is your _interpretation_ 
of the symptoms.  That's no good at all:  Diagnosticians need the 
raw symptoms, not just your take on them.  Again, it's likely that you
had to fall back on recounting your view on the symptoms because you
didn't bother to take notes contemporaneously:  _That_ is the problem
you should fix first.

> 7. What can I do to get Edgy installed.

Start by giving us accurate and useful information, please.

> 9.Tried Open Firmware but too complicated.

I'm unclear on why Open Firmware would be relevant to the problem,
unless you had some reason why it was necessary to change the boot

> 10.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Next CABAL meeting is eight days off.

Pleaes note:  I'm hoping you won't read the above as criticism of you
personally, John.  I'd like to help you out -- but the way you phrased
your post makes it almost impossible.

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