[conspire] Darwinppc -801.cdr.gz

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 12:08:52 PST 2007

I'm far from an expert with this, but here's my assessment.

First, John didn't copy/paste the command he typed and its output
for us.   So, I have no idea if he actually specified the --cdimage
argument, or not.  Without that, it'll probably do the wrong thing.
A quick pass over "man K3b" got me that far.

If this question had gone to the SVLUG mailinglist, I'd have probably
quickly replied asking for a cut-n-paste of the actual terminal session.
But, this is conspire not SVLUG, so I sat back to see what would happen.

Second, K3b is trying to be very flexible, in that it's willing to try to
write CDs and DVDs permuted with audio/video/data/mixed formats.

Depending on how it's doing its argument handling, this might be
a signifigant bug, or not.  It's certainly probable that K3b's looking at
filename extentions as part of assessing whether various files are of
the proper types to be burned for various formats.

Looking at filename extentions is a really bad idea in Linux/UNIX land,
bit that doesn't stop programmers from doing it anyway.  Looking into
the file itself (a la "file" command) to figure out what's in there is the
only reliable approach, but some people thing "file naming standards"
are a good idea.  Go figure.

OK those are my 2 cents.

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