[conspire] Installing Ubuntu on PPC/FW Drive ( My Reply )

Jose Medeiros jose.medeiros at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 02:13:03 PST 2007

Hi John,

I have been reading the thread and although I am not as much as an
expert on Linux as Rick and Daniel, I do have the Ubuntu book by
Oreily and looked up your question on booting from your Firewire
drive. Although it does not state that it can, it does state it can
boot from USB drives, and states that you have to modify Grub after
the install, so with that said since Apple has always used Firewire as
a standard, I am sure that if you have the latest pram update ( You
failed to mention which model you have, is it a blueberry G3? ) then
you may be able to get it to work.

In regards to configuring your Xserver, many years ago Caldera I used
XF86Setup, which gives you a gui config tool, Redhat changed the
command,  and  most Debian distro's Debian use XConfigurator, It would
be nice if Ubuntu had a similar tool, for some reason I thought I used
XF86config, however it is not working on 6.10 version I am running in
Vmware as a guest OS.



If you live in the Bay Area, why don't you drive down to the Google
Install fest, I'd like to try and help you install Ubuntu on your
firewire drive.



On 12/30/06, John Andrews <jla1200 at netzero.net> wrote:
> I tried to install the live cd Dapper Drake on a G3 imac. I could
> only get it to start in the text mode. I tried startx and got some
> error messages.(a long list). I read to remove the/tmp/.X0-lock file
> and then restart x with it's own unique number i.e.
> startx --:1. That didn't work either.It kept saying gdm was already
> running. After some poking around you get to a blue screen with a
> message that x was not starting right and must be configured wrong.
> it mentions looking at /etc/X11/Xorg.conf and var/log/xorg. I really
> don't know to configure X11.I have two questions.
>         1. How do I get that error info out of the live terminal?
> startx>video.txt? Then copy it to a usbstick.
>         2. Could I start the installation from text mode?I need partitioning
> and to be able to install it to the FW drive.I'm not sure what the FW
> drive is called maybe /dev/hdb2. Can I start to install by going to
> cdrom directory and then there are several files inside the install
> folder. boot.msg, ofboot.b, pegasos, udeb.list, yaboot , and
> yaboot.conf.
>         3. Is there an easier install than that? The alternate? cd.
>         4. If I install with the X not working will X be configured
> correctly later?
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