[conspire] branching/derivative conversation - tech solutions for cross-posting

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 15:03:10 PST 2007

Earlier I branched the "Cross-posting" conversation to introduce an
idea for a solution, at least at the local level and with respect to
the needs of "announcers".

In this thread I'd like to explore the idea of technology solutions to
the cross-posting problem which might be developed and added onto
mailman or other list management software.

There are undoubtedly some other approaches that might help, but two
came to mind pretty quickly.

First, mailinglist software could be enhanced so it could have a
chance of recognizing cross-posts.  One low-hanging-fruit approch to
this would be to have a "list of other lists" which, if matched in the
"to" or "cc", would be omitted from the message sent to the list's
members.  This would virtually eliminate reply messages from list
members to those other lists, where they're probably not members.
Yes, this is header munging.  In a good way.  There are probably some
other ways to recognize mailinglists which might have less impact on
the administrators.  Ideas?

Second, mailinglist software could be enhanced so replies only went
back to the list or to the original sender, or both.  Again, this is
header munging, in a different but still good way.  Renaming the "to:"
and "cc:" fields to original-to and original-cc, and creating new  to:
and cc: fields that are cross-posting friendly, so that even when
people "Reply all" they won't be causing any headaches.

Your ideas and constructive criticism of both of these vectors is much
appreciated.  I've been searching for a few worthy software
development projects for SVLUG to sponsor; improvements to mailman
along these lines might be just the thing.

Thanks & see you sometime soon!

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