[conspire] Backup

Roger Chrisman roger at rogerchrisman.com
Sat Feb 3 22:59:55 PST 2007


Is it risky to run your backup drive in the same server it backs up? How 
risky, technically? (Lets pretend these are SCSI drives and without 

I have an account, a VHM/cPanel virtual hosting account specifically, 
with a smallish (~100 servers running in ThePlanet.com data center in 
Dallas) commercial web host (who shall remain nameless) that is doing 
the above. They say in a few months they will start rsync'ing those 
backup drives to separate internal only backup servers. My bull---t 
bell clangs, "Why weren't they doing that originally?" So is my head a 
FUD bucket? Ask Conspire! Conspirators, what is your opinion of a small 
but growing commercial web host that relies on backup drives (SCSI in 
this case and no RAID) that spin in the same server they backup, even 
if they do say they plan to implement rsync'ing those to separate 
servers in a few months?

No, lets get technical instead. How risky is this practice? On what 
technical grounds?

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