[conspire] Advice on Building a Computer

Adrien Lamothe a_lamothe at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 31 09:41:35 PST 2007

Well, I found a source for some new 68pin LVD SCSI drives, new...
73GB SCSI Seagate LVD 10KRPM U320 4MB 68pin ST373307LW
for $123 each. Also some Cheetah's for $200 each. So, I'll proceed with the SCSI plan.

You may want to check those drives, to insure they will configure properly. Rick told me an interesting story about some aftermarket SCSI drives, new ones, that were intentionally crippled by the original system manufacturer so as to be not as configurable. They were perfectly good drives, but only if you used one of them per computer (I think that was the limitation, may not remember it correctly. Rick can correct me).

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