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Actually, I know of a neighborhood, near Leigh High School that effectively didn't have DSL internet for a couple months under SBC. But I've heard that SBC refusing to fight malware got the whole neighborhood blocked by most top level internet servers. It may have actually been a disconnect, or not. An associate of mine may show up wanting to set up some connection sharing with a windows box through a linux box at the next installfest. He's kinda burn me out at trying to help him. 

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Quoting Ross Bernheim (rossbernheim at speakeasy.net):

> Thanks to AT&T, someone of their technicians disconnected my DSL line.  

PacBell^W SBC^W AT&T seems to do this very frequently, and, oddly, are
reported to almost never "accidentally" disconnect their _own_ DSL gear,
only those of competing companies.

Me, I'd file a formal complaint with the PUC, citing particulars of
every investigatory call I made to AT&T, and all the points on which
they fell down.

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