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Hello Rick,

I am greatful for your help and I promise I will not bother you again.  I 
too, was an IT professional.  I finished out my work career at Panasonic 
North American HQ located in Secaucus, NJ.  At one point I had my own 
development team and finished the last 9 years being in charge of the canned 
software that ran their help desk.  I wrote all their reporting programs and 
made sure that all user contact files were up to date.   I retired from 
there on 09/29/2000, 20 years to the day from when I started working there.

And yes, I live in Henderson, NV

I am well aware of how busy you. It was very generous of you to take to time 
to respond to me.  Because of you, I now understand why I am having such a 
difficult time.  The chipset I have is a "Broadcom" and from what you say, 
it would behoove me to invest in an Intel 2200 wifi chipset.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

John Simons

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