[conspire] Technical opinions, thanks Daniel

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Aug 29 13:24:27 PDT 2007

bruce coston:
> I'm tired of arguing at technical opinions after encountering the
> Gnome inHuman interface guidelines tendention.

I seem to be unable to find a definition for "tendention" in my
dictionary.  Where does it come from, and what does it mean?

> It is grabbed recklessly for those with the hd that ubuntu "just
> doesn't like". This thing leads to cries of "Linux didn't work". I'm
> already deeply entrenched in MEPIS 6.96 beta 1 which draws from STABLE
> FIRST !  The hd thing is a well known "performance improvement" under
> buntu.

Wait, so you've got a specific bug with a kernel version?  I'm not sure
that can be reasonably linked to the use of untested Debian packages, as
that's the province of the Ubuntu kernel team.  They build their own
kernels almost completely independently of Debian.

> Yes, they really do grab "crack of the day" garbage every 6 months
> that debian didn't necessarily expect should ever become widespread --
> It's their deilberate policy !

Every six months they grab new software, and do SIX MONTHS OF FOCUSED QA
WORK ON IT.  After six months, it's no longer crack-of-the-day.  The
crackful stuff has been dropped, the working stuff is working, and the
slightly broken stuff has been fixed or rolled back.  The fact that
Debian doesn't find the time to do this should not reflect poorly on

Your message made it difficult to determine what was your own text, and
what was quotation from another message whose thread you seem to have
broken out of.  Apologies if I mischaracterized someone else's words as
your own.

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