[conspire] Buggy ATI Driver (and others) Leaves Vista Open to Attack

Adrien Lamothe a_lamothe at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 10:35:04 PDT 2007

Don Marti <dmarti at zgp.org> wrote: (...which leaves you stuck with whatever vendor you
got the Nvidia hardware from, just as if you were
running proprietary Unix.  For example, IIRC HP
has an Nvidia NDA and support contract, and the HP
product and service offering seems to make a nice
"Unix workstation".  Customers won't be able to change
the kernel or system software and keep their support,
but they don't want to--they just want to run their
big 3D apps fast.
Which makes Ubuntu an interesting experiment. Ubuntu is attempting to be the HP of white box vendors and so far seems to be making decent progress.

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