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Mon Aug 27 22:09:55 PDT 2007

Hi Rick - best wishes

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007 12:11:12 -0700, "Rick Moen" <rick at linuxmafia.com>
> Quoting Darlene Wallach (freepalestin at dslextreme.com):
> > I appreciated that John posted this request. 
> I've seen what happens when technological mailing lists get made into
> dumping grounds for political advocacy -- and especially when others 
> rise to the bait -- and would rather it not happen here.

"dumping grounds" - definitely _not_ _my_ intetent.
> > I don't know how John could have reached the audience of this email
> > list by other means. 

I agree with you, Darlene. Neither did I. &, that's still true, given
that Rick's suggestion below would be undoable by me because of the
briefness of my available time.
> Well, since you mention that, I _do_, and it's actually extremely
> obvious:

Here is an example of your greatness, Rick - help ful advice & info.
I also think you must _know_ it's not obvious, exemplified by your
detailed, useful, instructions.

> This mailing list roster is public to all fellow subscribers (except for

> > Perhaps there are others on this list who want to take action per the
> > information in John's email. 
> And John has every right to start his own "help support my political
> cause" mailing list, and even to issue invitations to this list's
> membership roster to join it.  Hell, CABAL will even supply him with 
> good open-source software to run it, expertise in configuring it, and
> tips on how to use Mailman's "invite" feature.

1) Actually an interesting suggestiion, though,
2) It is partly largely because the nature of the communication (from
me, or anyone, with OT info that might be high on the relevant*important
scale) comes rarely that starting a separate list is much less good for
the world than some small # of OT posts, that there is insufficient
resources in the world to make this happen.
> Actually, I think John operating such a forum would be poetic justice:
> I'd pray that the gods arrange to have _his_ mailing list have problems
> with annoying offtopic posts.  ;->  Hell, I'd sell popcorn.

(I appreciate the joke, & appreciate poetic justice.)

> > I certainly encourage people to use their conscience to decide whether
> > to act or not as opposed to being irritated that this is not Linux
> > related.
> I respect considered acts of conscience, as you know, but exercise
> thereof is irrelevant to determining whether something is excessively
> offtopic for a technical mailing list.  John knew that this post was,
> because I told him so in no uncertain terms, explicitly speaking as 
> listadmin, a week ago.  
> It frankly pisses me off that he behaved in accordance with the
> sempeternal, California-immaturity-culture theory of "If I can get away

You got me on that one rick - for all of these!
"No results found for sempeternal.
Did you mean sempiternal (in dictionary) or Sympetaly (in

> with something, it must be OK."

Rick - man, that was wrong.  (or, us bein CA boys, might I should say

Ok, how do I say this?:
I conclude you were implying, 
not that I was behaving in a matter _equivalent_ to something, 
but that I was operating in practice of "immature trying to get away
with something."

That statement seems to be again a sophist rhetorical putdown, rather
than attempting to get the facts right.

This is the facts: I was acting from a different value system from you.
I wasn't attempting to "get away with something." I was doing what I
believed what the just, moral, proper thing to do.  It was different
from your value system? That does _not_ mean I was "trying to get away
with something." Nor was I.

>  Grow up, John.

Rick - dude, (Note to readers Rick & all others - I'm repititious about
this cause I know emotions don't come clearly or easily through text
communication such as this.) I think you are definitely deserving of
great respect for all thye great things you do for the G/L community. 
But, reading that statement of yours, I'm only feeling & thinking
nothing more than:
"Man, I'm pitying Rick here today. Rick must be having a really bad day,
or moment at least, cause
1) he has the fact wrong (I wasn't trying to get away with something,
it's a values difference), 
2) & then he continues from wrong fact to untenable presumption of moral
superiority conveyed through invoking an adult-child rethorical device
for which the facts are his conclusion (that he is more adult) is false.

No big deeal to me, Rick, but "It frankly pisses me off" is inconsistent
with you last post of "I'm not annoyed ".

I don't know what is causing you to do those things, & (again, not fos
(facetious or sarcastic)) I'm certainly not attempting to make a (what's
it called? I think there must be a name for it, but ICantR) put down of
you through false sincerity.  I just hope you're merely haveing a
temporary stresful time, & that you will soon be over it & be being
accurate & honest & helpful. (The manner I think you often both are, &
aspire to be.)

Best wishes, Rick, & list readers.

(&, once again, for the record - my time constraints require that I
can't permit myself to give more due to this message. 'ts life.)
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