[conspire] sound prob Ensoniq ES1371 on Fedora 7

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Wed Aug 22 22:26:30 PDT 2007

> Now I cannot hear sound when I use
> system -> administration -> soundcard detection

I favor aumix, which is text based, as a mixer to mess with the values.
There is a natural tendency for me to avoid the GUI mode if some basic
function of the computer isn't working quite up to snuff, since sometimes
even just adding the GUI changes the dynamic.
> I'm trying to figure out how to get that working
> again. Then I'll worry about hearing mp3, wav,
> seeing and hearing youtube.

Anyways I'd play back and forth with aumix or any other suitable text mixer
until playing raw wav or .au sounds works with play.  You can also cat a
file into your alleged sound device and listen to the horrible (but
changing) screech to know that the plain output works.  Some sound files are
terribly quiet.

There should be a sample WAV of Linux Torvalds saying how he pronounces
Linux.  It's not been accurate really for some time - he made it when things
were new - and I've heard him pronounce Linux 4 different ways in the same
paragraph.  But it's a small sound clip with a decent soundlevel so it
shouldn't blast you nor convince you that the speaker's not live when it's
up full blast. 

Another good sample sound would be whatever shipped as the startup noise for
your GUI, even if you don't otherwise prefer to use it.  It's usually a nice
glissando of some sort.

> Darlene
> detect soundcard

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