[conspire] sound prob Ensoniq ES1371 on Fedora 7

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Wed Aug 22 10:18:55 PDT 2007

On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 09:18:24AM -0700, Darlene Wallach wrote:
> Note: I posted this on the Fedora users email list on
> Monday, 20th August 2007. I have not seen a reply so
> I'm trying here. There had been other postings to the
> Fedora users email list regarding sound problems but I
> didn't think the discussions covered my issue. So either
> the subject does not convey the problem I'm having,
> people are not familiar with Esoniq ES1371 so did not
> read the email, people were not interested in the issue,
> etc.

This used to be an extremely common chipset for laptops.  I have 
Crystal SOund 5880 card lying around** and it uses this chipset;
it's able to work in OSS mode, or alsa. 

** ok, it was the primary sound for my desktop. :)

> If someone can offer suggestions via email that will be
> great. I can bring my computer to the CABAL on Saturday,
> 25th August, if someone could offer suggestions there.

Dunno if I'm welcome these days. 

> Should I have used a different subject that better
> describes the problem?
I think the subject was clear enough.

> [begin email posted to Fedora users email list]
> I recently installed Fedora 7. During the install I
> heard sound during the sound test. After completing
> the install I still heard sound during the sound test.
> I installed Macromedia since I want to have access
> to political videos regarding Palestine on youtube.

Since Youtube is web driven the problem may not be with your card 
at all but with the interface into the web browser.  I've heard
(and encountered) that web hooks into sound can result in the web
browser not wanting to do sound if *anything else* is hooked up to
sound.  eg pysol on pause, radio on the side, whatever.

I've been lazy and avoided mixing web-sound with othersound - watch 
mplayer with the web closed, etc.  But this would make sense for me anyway,
my pipe is slim enough I can't easily take more than one stream at a time.

> When I attempted to watch and listen to a youtube video
> I could see the video but could not hear sound. I
> brought up the gui version of alsamixer and don't
> remember what I did or if I changed anything but now
> I do not hear sound during the sound test.
You probably turned down the mixer levels for sound outputs.  There's more
than one, basically, the mains, one for CD, one for line-out (to an outside
recording device).

> Here is some of the output of scsconfig.log - I
> attempted to just have sound information.

Logs re sound are rarely a help to me except when I'm in person, I just
bumble around. 

> I tried looking through the Fedora email that discussed
> sound issues. I apologize profusely if this problem
> has already been asked and answered.
If it's been asked and answered then I'm sure a URL for the archived
entry will promptly materialize.

> Thank you for your attention and advice.
> Darlene Wallach

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