[conspire] Fwd: [sf-lug] Blackwell's needs a good ISP, got a recommendation?

Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us
Fri Aug 17 19:44:41 PDT 2007

jim stockford <jim <at> well.com> writes:

> > Blackwell's Liquors, on Geary near 20th, is my idea
> > of a model mom and pop business that's got good
> > stuff and serves the community well. They're looking
> > for an Internet Service Provider (ISP):
> >> we need an ISP to maintain a simple web page and dependable email.
> >> It would be great if they had a technique to send out the weekly email
> >> to
> >> 1400 people without the need for me to send out 20+ individual emails
> >> .(via outlook).
> >>
> > anybody got a recommend?

By my analog calculations using a paper map and a ruler, they are 3150 feet
from the telco CO, so they'd be perfect for 6Mbit DSL service from $ISP, if the
subject line is indeed the question here. However, the text of the message
indicates that they don't really care much about connectivity, and just want
hosting for a website and an announcement list. If they wanted to host these
things themselves, they should get ADSL service from Sonic.net, DSLExtreme,
RawBandwidth, LMI.net, or Speakeasy. Otherwise, they could put the website on
Google Page Creator, and the announcement list on Yahoo! Groups.

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