[conspire] New *buntu and Mandriva releases

jose tav josetav at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 30 11:26:32 PDT 2007

Anybody using Evolution specially PDA applications like: calendar, contacts, 
notes, etc.
I tried but the phone and address fields, except for one or two phone 
listings, were blank, one needed to click the option tab to display the 
phone, etc. .. a pain!
Since, all those updates I downloaded I thought maybe those issues has been 
resolved, any feedback ?
Oh, yes I was told it is a matter of setting it correctly, maybe ?, but I 
couldn't figure it out, it has been a while now since, I don't remember 
about the things I tried. but now with all these updates it need to be 
re-config again.

Hey, Rick as always you are a great host, thanks!

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