[conspire] New *buntu and Mandriva releases

Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us
Fri Apr 20 13:09:05 PDT 2007

David E. Fox <dfox <at> m206-157.dsl.tsoft.com> writes:

> On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 21:58:43 -0700
> "Dan Martinez" <dfm <at> razorwind.org> wrote:
> > "Have you got any smack?"
> > 
> > http://tbhl.theonering.net/films/meet_the_feebles.html
> Yep - hadn't considered that one actually but I do recall that flick -
> funny as hell :).
> Anyhow, I had "New Zoo Revue" in mind (crap kid's show from the early
> 70's). http://www.hollywoodinvestigator.com/newzoorevue.htm
> The Hippo is (obviously) on the left. 
> :)

At no point since I first saw that show at the age of 4 have I forgotten
Henrietta Hippo. There was a digitized sound file floating around in the 80's,
which I later identified to have been taken from that show, of skidding and
glass breaking. I think I still have it on an old floppy around here somewhere.
If it weren't for the phenomenon to which the Brits refer as "can't be arsed,"
I'd dig it up, convert it to .au from the now-obscure format I had it in, put it
on a laptop, and loop it ad nauseam in your next presence at CABAL, to
illustrate possible consequences of bringing up topics like this here. Heeheehee

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